5 Ways To Increase Your Sales

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This is an article for sales people and we offer at least five ways to improve your work, increasing your sales and getting happier with your work results.

As we all know there is no magic in real life, so let’s dive into the real ways to increase your sales with your own efforts:

1. Offer New Options And Offer It The Right Way

If your business is a restaurant or a small store you can always offer new things to your clients, right?

Think about what´s missing, or simply new tastes or experiences your clients would enjoy, like a different sauce or free samples of a new product (they might be afraid to test new products/foods, but not if they are free).

By doing that you can attract new clients and build a nice reputation of a nice place where “you can get some free stuff” to say the least. Notice that this also applies to online stores and such, you can always give some free samples, maybe send something by email, or even mail, why not?

That way you can show that you know your client´s name, taste and the most important, that you care about them. That will certainly set your business apart from the others and by that increase your sales and revenues.

2. Advertise

This one used to eat a large part of your budget, but not anymore, not with the internet!
Spend some time (or hire someone with the skills) learning about SEO and how to place your product over the internet.

It´s quite simple and easy to do, there is Youtube advertising, Facebook Ads, banners on related sites and so on. Start by knowing your target public and where are the best places to find them, note that the time of the day is really important for some kinds of advertising. Regardless of your efforts on the internet you should also try “out of the net” or “offline” solutions, like flyers on strategic places in the neighborhood.

3. Focus on Customer Needs

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, you should always focus on your customer´s needs, you can maintain a list with their contacts and preferences, their history of purchase can tell a lot.

Send some emails asking what they would like to buy or find on your store/service that they don´t have at the moment, ask what they like about your business and so on, that can be done in person but also by email, just be careful to avoid sending a lot of emails and getting flagged as spam!


4. Avoid Losing Clients

Understanding your position in the market and how to behave with the other brands is key to success, with these studies in hand you can figure the key points that would make your business lose clients to another brand.

There is also room for creativity when we talk about client retention such as club membership, money-back guarantee, rewards, free packs and discounts for old clients. It´s important to notice that this comes from you, the business owner, to the clients. Never allow client´s to search for you, you should run your business always one step ahead of your customer´s needs.


5. High Level Customer Service

More studies from the market can lead to a higher level customer service, meaning that you will know what’s being offered in the market and you can do the same but even better or faster, or with some extra features.

In a coffee shop for example, you can have a person just holding the door and greeting the customers while they enter the shop. Or you can have the best napkins in the neighborhood, or a free pie for some options in the menu, you can also have live music and so on. For an online business, how many times could you actually talk to the owner while shopping? Or even after shopping? I know…I have, and it was awesome and i even got some free stuff because they took some time to answer my email…that experience was like 2 years ago and I still remember…so it might be important for customers in general, right?


Regardless of all the measures and hints listed above, you should work with joy and that will be passed to your customers in a natural way, always make the clients happy and the results will come as expected, just focus on the customers and your business will be alright, they are always right and without them you would have no business at all.


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