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7 Strategies to Sell More

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If you want to build your sales skill to sell more, here’s seven strategies to help.

The sales process can be as simple or complex as you want. This is related to the type of offer you have. Selling water bottles is not the same as offering a tailor-made consulting service.

This activity is like a sphere that allows you to go from one side to another immediately. When you see it that way, you release yourself from a lot of pressure. It is ok to go wrong and return to a point. It is no sin; rather you are covering today a gap that tomorrow can be a great hole.

  1. Be Effective

Although many people find it hard to do, that habit can be achieved in a very simple way: you have to do the homework. Before you pick up the handset and call a number at random, first investigate who the person you are going to contact is. Should you prepare, people will even notice and increase your chances of success.

This advice applies to e-mail marketing because in most cases companies send the same e-mail to hundreds or perhaps thousands of recipients without first making sure if these recipients really need what they offer. This instead of generating interest could be annoying for people.

The good news is that today you have more resources to know more about your potential customer’s thanks to the Internet. In this way, you will get important data, for example, who the person is, what he / she is engaged in, what sector he / she is developing in and what geographical areas his / her company operates.


  1. Know more about your prospects

You must be proactive as well as define the characteristics of the candidates to become your customers. This is called profiling.

When making the first call you have the opportunity to find certain data that you needed to supplement the information collected in your previous research. Now, if you get an appointment, it is a sign that the person is interested in seeing you. Do you know what the reason is? Find out in the interview they program.


  1. Pay attention to details

The sellers (mostly) suffer from a problem: they speak, speak and speak. big mistake. What you have to do is go to the point and say things as they are.

For example, give a quick response or offer you a competitive price. So if you make a proposal that satisfies these points, you are ready to close the deal.

Do not just focus on the need; know the expectations. To do this, once again you must ask what people expect from you in exchange for the money they will pay you; you have to earn it.

  1. Fulfill what you promise

If you dared to offer something so as to take the sale, you better fulfill it. If you lie or exaggerate, in the end, this will cost you more than not close the deal. A lie leads you to another lie; It is a snowball that grows and crashes. In case you can not solve all the problem you are facing, clarify or give options – like making alliances with other companies – to reach the goal.


  1. Work on your smart questions

If a salesperson goes to an appointment without preparation, it can mean two things: he is a sales expert, or he does not know that he is making a serious mistake. To get the most out of an interview with a prospect, all part of a training you should do with your business partners.

During this process, you have to define the smart questions that will help you to verify, validate, verify and clarify all the information received. The purpose is to close a business today, but also to project future transactions.


  1. Charging is part of selling

An example of an intelligent question is: do you have the money to fulfill the payment obligations I propose? There is nothing in the world worse more than a customer who can not pay you. This is part of the profile, so you have to confirm it from the beginning.


  1. It is worth diversifying

Do not put all the eggs in one basket. It’s good that you have a very good customer, but what will happen when you leave or no longer need you? Rule: A single buyer should not represent more than 20% of your total sales. If so, you will face great pressure to sell and that when mistakes come.



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