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How to Blast Through Your Sales Targets

denis linehan sales targets

You want to do more than reach your goals. You want to destroy them. These tips are all about crushing your sales targets.

How much can you achieve?



You’ve set up all of your goals, and now it’s time to hit all of those sales targets.

You want to be the best of the best and you’re ready to prove it. Push your limits and exceed your sales targets.

Want to know how to maximize your sales? Let’s get started:

1. Do Your Research

Check out your competition.

Which companies are selling similar products to your company?

What prices are these products being sold for? What strategies are they using?

Find the weaknesses in each company’s strategy in order to develop your own better one.

Scope out which products are being sold the most and why. Have you been gearing your products towards the right consumers?

Once you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to make your next move confidently.

2. Create the Right Content

Creating the right content is an absolute necessity for blasting your sales targets.

The smartest salespeople know exactly how to reel in their sales targets and what kind of information to give to each sales target.

The content must be relevant to each individual consumer.

In addition, the right salespeople will diversify their clientele. You must have more than one specific target in order to really maximize your sales.

If you only have one target audience, it will become harder and harder to continue selling to those people.

Use your content to convince your consumers that they will not be able to survive without your product. Appeal to their emotions by making them feel like they absolutely have to buy it.

Your content is extremely powerful, so make it count!

3. Work Together with Your Marketing Team

You should definitely work together with your marketing team in order to blast through your sales targets.

Your marketing team members are probably the ones creating your content. Work with them to appeal to your consumers.

Use the content and information they provide you in order to maximize your sales.

If your amount of sales begins to plummet, work together to figure out what the problem is in your marketing strategy and then find a solution that will work.

A statistic shows that 61% of companies with a well-established sales enablement strategy work very closely with their marketing team.

Do not underestimate the power of teamwork!

denis linehan marketing team

4. Defeat Your Sales Targets with Awesome Customer Service

Companies that are solely focused on making the most profits and only trying to reach their target goals often neglect the people who are most important: their customers.

Having excellent customer service is crucial for any thriving company.

Consumers remember which companies have had good customer service and which companies haven’t. Be sure that your customer service makes a positive, lasting impression on your consumers.

Most of your clients are probably previous customers, right? You’ve made them happy at least once already, so keep up the good work!

Make sure that your retention rate continues increasing. This truly is one of the best ways to blast through all of your sales targets.

5. Do Not Discount Too Much

There is a misconception that if you discount your products more often, you will end up making more of a profit.

However, this is completely false.

In fact, you will lose more money than you gain by discounting your products way too often.

denis linehan no discount

Of course from time to time you will want to have a sale or some sort of discount opportunity, but save it for a special occasion, like maybe a Black Friday sale.

Do not just discount your products for the sake of discounting. This will take you backwards instead of forwards when trying to reach your sales targets.

Don’t make the mistake that so many companies make so often. Discounting is great sometimes, but not too much.

You don’t want your customers to take advantage of you, as well.

6. Ask for Feedback and Referrals

You do a lot for your customers in terms of trying to make them as happy as can be, right?

As a result, it is very okay to ask your customers for something in return.

After every purchase, send your customer an email or use a separate web page where customers can provide feedback on the products they just bought.

Give your customers the option to write reviews of your products on your product pages online.

Show your customers that you truly care about them and that you value their opinions. Their feedback will also help you improve your services.

Your customers want to feel respected and attended for.

If you show them that you are listening to their needs, not only will you be able to better your company, but you will also probably see an increase in your previous customers’ retention rate.

One of the greatest ways of bringing in more customers is through word of mouth.

Potential customers who read your past customers’ raving reviews of your product will be more inclined to buy from you because they’ve read someone else’s testimonial.

People will trust previous customers, and that will bring you even more consumers.

Moreover, ask your customers for referrals. You can provide them with some sort of incentive such as, “For every customer you bring, you’ll get $5 off your next purchase.”

Companies like Uber do that very well. Uber gives each customer a special code. When that customer provides their code to someone who has never used Uber before, both the new customer and the old customer get up to $15 off their ride.

7. Commit to Your Sales Targets

Make sure that your company commits to its sales targets, in whatever way that means to you.

Commit to improving your product or keeping promises that you provide your clients. Commit to developing stronger sales strategies by engaging with your entire team.

Everyday set small goals for yourself to achieve, besides your primary sales targets. Take whatever steps towards commitment that your company needs in order to maximize your sales.

Now you’ve got all of the tools to take on the next level of your sales targets. Do what you can to go above and beyond achieving your sales goals.

Get moving, and blast through those sales targets!


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