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3 Strategies to Shatter Sales Barriers

How many 250 pound bodybuilders do you know that practice ballet?Not a lot, right? At 15 I didn’t either.Yet it was around this age when I was first introduced to bodybuilding by an uncle of mine, a guy by the name of Martin Humphries.I…
9 killer closing techniques
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Nail Your Sales Pitch with 9 Killer Closing Techniques

Finishing strong is important. You have to close your pitch just right to make the sale. Here are 9 killer closing techniques to learn.It's all about the sale.Whether you are offering a product or a service, the only thing that matters…
denis linehan sales objections
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What to Do When You Run Into Sales Objections

Here's how to beat some common sales objections that get in your way. You're always going to run into people saying no. It's what you do next that defines you.When you are in sales, you will run into sales objections from time to time. How…
Denis Linehan Sales Training
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9 Reasons Sales Training Programs Pay for Themselves

Even those who aren't in sales reap awesome rewards from sales training programs. Learn how to boost your skills, confidence, and earn more Sales people tend to be "natural communicators." But a natural ability doesn't mean you don't have…
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Avoid These 7 Deadly Sales Techniques

Want to sell more? You need to let go of these unforgivable sales techniques. Are you still using any of these? Whatever product you happen to be selling, you doubtless recognise the need to adhere to a few tried and true sales techniques.…
Denis Linehan double your sales
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9 Easy Ways to Double Your Sales

Ready to double your sales (who isn't)? These tips are easy, actionable, and they'll take you there. Get ready to start crushing it. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to double your sales? Even the best of the best could always…
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Generate Massive Sales Wealth & Success

There are 3 things every Professional needs for sales wealth and success These days everybody has some sort of an opinion or another on what it takes to become wealthy and successful through sales.There are countless books, posts, online…
denis linehan sales targets
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How to Blast Through Your Sales Targets

You want to do more than reach your goals. You want to destroy them. These tips are all about crushing your sales targets. How much can you achieve?   You've set up all of your goals, and now it's time to hit all of those…

You are a born influencer

Can you image learning how to be an influencer in church?From my earliest childhood memories, I can recall that every Sunday morning without fail either my mother or grandparents would bring me to mass.During a catholic mass, there…