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3 Strategies to Shatter Sales Barriers

Denis Linehan Arnold Schwarzenegger

How many 250 pound bodybuilders do you know that practice ballet?

Not a lot, right? At 15 I didn’t either.

Yet it was around this age when I was first introduced to bodybuilding by an uncle of mine, a guy by the name of Martin Humphries.

I remember him lending me a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first book, ‘The Education of a Bodybuilder’ and I remember being swept away by this feeling of awe and inspiration on reading how this little kid from an obscure part of Austria went from nothing to becoming the greatest bodybuilder and action film star of all time.

Of course, I immediately joined a gym and pretty soon after that I managed to get my hands on a copy of ‘Pumping Iron’, one of Arnold’s first films.

Back in 1999 in pre ‘Celtic Tiger’ Ireland, long before the days of digital TV, this would have been on video cassette.

I clearly remember the feeling of excitement as I impatiently took the cassette out of its plastic box and inserted it into the video recorder and pressed play.

What greeted me on the screen was not what I was expecting.

Two absolute monsters of men being trained in ballet by this petite lady dressed in a leotard and tights.


The two monsters were of course Arnold Schwarzenegger and his training partner and friend Franco Columbu.


A Unique Point of Difference

Were they practicing ballet to appear more graceful on stage during competition to give them the edge? Or was it simply another opportunity for Arnold to appear different to everybody else?

Whatever the true reasoning was, it doesn’t matter because the strategy clearly worked. In fact I would go so far as to say that Arnold’s unique point of difference and the reason for his massive success was his willingness to continually be different and to do things everybody else wasn’t doing. What is your point of difference?

 Make Sure Your Message is Clear and Impactful 

Here is the harsh truth about today’s world: everybody wants your attention and your money. What is the strategy to get it? It’s quite simple, bombard you relentlessly with messages. So, if you want a piece of the pie you better make sure that your message is as unique, clear and memorable as possible.

You do that by making sure you are as different from the competition as you possibly can. There are many ways to do this and not all of them involve a trip to your nearest ballet studio.

Usable Expert Knowledge

For me the strategy was simple. I would spend my days off shopping the competition, finding out what they were or weren’t doing, usually they weren’t doing a lot, and then I would put systems and processes in place in my sales office to make sure the service I was providing to my clients was 1,000 times better.

That was it. Essentially what I found out was that most sales people are average, they are lazy, they are forgettable and most importantly they lack expert knowledge.

I defined myself with many points of difference along the way but most notable was my expert knowledge and my ability to convey that knowledge to my clients in a way that was easy to understand.

I studied like hell, I read copious amounts of books and consumed massive quantities of audio programs (at least 3 hours per day). I embroiled myself with subjects ranging from sales training and customer service to building materials and project development.

As I earned my certificates, diplomas and degrees along the way I would frame them and strategically place them behind my desk until eventually I ran out of room and I had to put them on the wall to the side of my desk alongside all my framed testimonials from all my previous clients. Pretty soon my office space became almost like a sales temple where people would come, sit down in front of me, gaze around in awe and just want to buy from me. I barely had to say a word. It was the ultimate example of how to use social proof and authority status to make large volumes of sales.

The easiest way to find your point of difference is to become the expert, the authority figure. Trust me, even with this knowledge the other 95% will still be too lazy to even attempt it.

Break The Rules

This is actually Schwarzenegger’s second rule for success.  (To discover all of Arnie’s rules for success click here).

Now just like Arnold, I’m not for a second advocating breaking the law here. Ethics, ethics, ethics.

But you can be extremely ethical and honest and still break some rules to get ahead in your sales career. In fact to get ahead, you absolutely must. Here is a reframe for all of you who may not be entirely sure where we are going with this:

There is very little glory to be found in playing small and if you live your life amongst the herd you’ll never discover the world of possibilities that surround you.

If you live your life like I once lived for many years in my twenties, you inevitably begin to slowly conform and be constrained by what you perceive to be society’s expectations of you.

Yes, those “rules”!

Worse still you start to worry about what people think of you. Your boss, your co-workers and your so-called friends. It is your responsibility to get on with your own life, you are responsible for your own successes and failures.

When I decided I had enough of my career in the police I remember the time when my old superintendent had the brass balls to come into my house to try and coax me back to work.

When he saw his weak pitch was failing to have any effect he of course couldn’t help but reveal the true measure of himself by telling me that I’d never amount to anything outside of the police. Needless to say that was the moment I finally quit my old life and began afresh. To this day I owe a great deal of gratitude to that man and many others like him.

Here is how you too can break some rules to get ahead and begin your new sales career:

Ignore the Critics

Learn to ignore the voices of those who criticise you and try to belittle you.

Whatever you are doing that draws that type of attention, multiply your efforts by a hundred and then a thousand. If the herd doesn’t like your actions then you are surely on the right path. Envy and jealousy only raise their heads when they see somebody rising faster than their little minds can comprehend.

Work Outside Your Comfort Zone

Get comfortable working outside of your comfort zone. Once you’ve mastered the previous point you are going to want to really hammer home with your efforts. Whatever amount of dials, door knocks, follow ups or insane hours you are putting in, keep going until the uncomfortable becomes the norm. Then double your efforts again. Watch the sales roll in.

Educate Yourself

Education. All that extra effort is fantastic.

The new mindset is amazing. But you must learn how to replace the pickaxe with a laser as you tunnel through mountains. Continual education and upskilling is what will truly set you apart and bring about massive quantities of unchallenged successes. Books, if you don’t like books then audio programs, YouTube videos, blogs, articles, posts, industry events, classes, seminars, the list is endless. You have no excuse in 2017 for not getting ahead. All the information you need can be found at the press of a button and consumed simply by looking in the direction of the palm of your hand.


It is impossible to be a maverick or a true original if you are too well behaved and don’t want to break the rules.”

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger


 Align Yourself With Only Quality Experts

Tony Robbins calls this strategy “Modelling”. You find somebody that is doing what it is you want to do at the highest possible level in the game, you seek them out and you copy them. That’s it in a nutshell. Why? Because as brilliant and unique as you might be, you are going to have a difficult time reinventing the wheel.

I was at a 3 day Glenn Twiddle conference in Sydney recently and one of the speakers, a real estate guy by the name of Michael Spillane summed it up perfectly when he said, “Success doesn’t leave clues, it leaves the whole plan”.

Why prolong the learning period when you don’t have to?

Learn the strategies, the systems, the language patterns, the body language, the rationale, the thinking, the apparel, the habits, just hoover up and learn everything you can about the people whose success you wish to replicate. After all, imitation is best form of flattery.

Schwarzenegger read everything he could on bodybuilding starting out. He studied his idol Reg Park and many more like him. He saw how Reg Park used bodybuilding to transition him into Hollywood and guess what, Arnold did the exact same. He simply followed the blueprint for success that was already laid out in front of him.

Since moving to Sydney I’ve had the good fortune to learn from the very best people here in Australia. Cora Ryan, a sales expert who was recognised year after year after year in the 1990’s as Australia’s no.1 project home sales person by A.V. Jennings, the largest building company in Australia.

Mariette Rups-Donnelly, one of Australia’s leading presentation experts and coaches. Peter Spann, one of Australia’s leading wealth creation and seminar experts who presented with the likes of Tony Robbins.

If I were to attribute any of my successes to date to any one particular strategy It would absolutely be ‘aligning myself with Only Quality Experts’.


And as if to reiterate my previous point, here is what I credit each of these mentors most with and here is what you need to begin getting prepared for if you truly want to be the best; each of my mentors took me far outside of my comfort zone. And not just a little but out beyond the outermost reaches of the Milky Way. Because that is where true growth exists and that is where success awaits you.

It also teaches you probably the most important lesson that you can learn in sales and certainly in life. One my mother kept telling me growing up but one I never quite got: you can have everything you want in life if you are just willing to go out there and chase your dreams.

If you are genuine about creating massive wealth and success through professional sales then this is definitely not to be missed.


Written by Denis Linehan

Denis Linehan is a master sales professional and sales trainer who in his first 3 years of selling generated almost $100million in new home sales and is now teaching others to do the same.

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Generate Massive Sales Wealth & Success

There are 3 things every Professional needs for sales wealth and success

These days everybody has some sort of an opinion or another on what it takes to become wealthy and successful through sales.

There are countless books, posts, online videos and all sorts of other material available out there which tells people how to make more money from high level sales. As with all of this type of information, some of it will actually work but most of it will just be more of the same gobbledegook.

With every single one of the sales professionals I mentor I always tell every single one of them that there are 3 things they really need to have in place to maximize their sales results.

What I find amazing is the fact that virtually no ‘professional sales trainers’ out there talk about this stuff!!


1. You need your Magic Movie

A clever and rich old man once said to me, “You’re born at A and you die at B, and it’s everything that you do in between is what matters.”

The fact is we all started as nothing more than a twinkle in our mother’s eye and we are all heading back to the dirt pretty soon.

It’s how we choose to spend our time above ground that will make a difference, not just to ourselves, but to those that we interact with and the people that are still standing after we’ve gone. Once we get to grips with this very undisputable fact we can begin to look at life as more than mere existence and instead view it as a journey.


The voyage of your life

Another word for journey might be a ‘voyage’. The crossing of a set distance from one point to another, Point A to Point B, very much like we do in life.

Now think of a ship that sets sail from Port Botany in Sydney. If you were to look at this ship from shore as it departs you would assume certain things.

For starters, you assume that it has a captain at the helm of the ship. You take for granted that the captain of this ship knows where the final destination is. There is even the understanding that the captain knows how the ship is going to reach that destination, the route.

The thought that we could be wrong in any one of those assumptions would be absolutely ludicrous. The lack of any one of those elements would spell disaster, no captain, no final destination or no set route. As you could imagine the ship would either run aground, sink or run out of fuel and just begin to drift in the middle of a vast ocean waiting for rescue.


Yet this is exactly what happens to most people in life

And salespeople are no exceptions!  They can become drifters, ships with nobody steering and nobody knowing where the hell they are going or what is happening. Of course the tragedy of all of this is that most don’t see themselves as lost ships and instead prefer to complain when they hit rocks (fail to reach their sales targets) and they blame others when they run of fuel (no commissions left).

If you really want to become a master at sales, if you truly wish to become the best sales professional possible and if you are serious about becoming massively wealthy and successful in sales, then here is my advice: know where you are going and have a purpose in life and in your sales career.


OK, so what is a Magic Movie and how can we get it to work for you?

A Magic Movie is basically a short mental film clip that you create with your imagination.

It plays as a specific scenario of your future-self living out and enjoying life on your terms as you would most want to if you could right now.

It’s very easy to do for every single person and if you are struggling to understand how it works, let me begin by asking you one simple question (The answer to this question is your destination, the place where you are going in life. Massive sales success is your golden ticket that will get you there).

“If you be could be anywhere in the world right now, doing any one thing or series of activities with however many people of your choosing that you wanted, where would you be, what would you be doing and with whom would you be doing those things with?”

Imagine what this place looks like, vividly and boldly and in technicolour.

What are the sights, the sounds, the smells that surround you? The activity that you are doing, what sense of enjoyment and satisfaction are you getting from it? How do you feel? What clothes are you wearing, are they from your favourite designer? What car did you use to get to the event or were you chauffeured along with all those people with you? The people that are with you, your family and friends, how big are the smiles on their faces, how happy do they look and how proudly do they look at you for the successes that you have built up around you?


This isn’t the time to play small or hold back

So make this scenario, this Magic Movie, as big, as bold and as adventurous as you dare.

However big you go, multiply the events and settings by 10, then 100 and then 1,000, knowing that it’s human nature to live within our comfort zones.



Don’t let your mind hold you back anymore.

Your Magic Movie needs to be exciting and entertaining enough to inspire and motivate you on your journey so really let go of your inhibitions here.

Just remember that you have to want and desire to become part of this movie cast so badly that it will keep you up at night fantasizing about it, dreaming about it in your sleep and have you bouncing out of bed early each morning in the active pursuit of your Magic Movie scenario.

Now start playing the movie in your head and keep playing it over and over again until the details of it, the sights and sounds become so engrained in your psyche that your subconscious mind begins to interpret it as your current reality and begins to expect it to happen.

In my sales training seminars in Sydney I refer to this technique when used with prospects as Future Pacing. For sales professionals I use the term Magic Movie because it really works almost like real magic.


2. You need to create Magic Movies for others

Now this is where things get really fun, really interesting and really profitable, really fast…so hold tight!!

Knowing, understanding and having the power to create Magic Movies puts you ahead of practically every average sales person out there, so you should be proud of yourself for that alone.

You now know where you are going in your sales career, you know why you are going there and you are determined to get there as soon as you can.

Massive wealth, huge success and a life to be lived on your terms is fast approaching. But a massive tanker filled with a store of liquid gold doesn’t traverse the Mediterranean to a determined port with just the captain, it needs a crew to help get it there.

For you this means learning how to share your Magic Movie with those around you and being able to get them in on the journey.

What’s more you have to get them excited, get them intrigued and beguile them with the adventures and rewards that lay ahead. Your business partners, investors and your clients will find it hard to get on board unless they too can see the benefits of getting on board your ship. We also call this the WIN-WIN scenario. People must be able to see clear value for them, otherwise they can’t and won’t play a part in your Magic Movie.

I really can’t stress to you how important it is to your massive sales success that you get this. Maybe you are now asking, “Ok, well as a sales professional, how does knowing all this generate me a bigger income?”


In sales a huge part of your success is determined by your ability to find the right solution for your prospect’s needs, wants and desires.


Earlier when we learned how to create our Magic Movie, what we actually done was allow ourselves to indulge in creating a huge sensory feast which created an enormous physiological sense of wellbeing and a powerfully positive emotional state. We felt the benefits and the joy achieved when we reach our desired outcome.

Should it be any different in your prospects’ minds when we are selling them the benefits that our products have to offer? Is it possible to also create a Magic Movie, albeit a miniature version, for your prospects?

Can we move them emotionally and get them excited as they experience the benefits that our products have to offer them? Of course we can and that’s what your future clients are waiting for, it’s what they are looking for.

For my sales training seminars and in my sales mentoring programs I have my own unique Magic Movies for each scenario that I continually play out in my head so I know what I want to get out of each seminar and every mentoring program.

These Magic Movies are based on one core element, a motivation to provide huge value and massive successes for all my clients and those that come to my events.

How do we create Magic Movies for our prospects and how does it successfully work for them?

3.You need a system that allows you to play the Magic Movies


The biggest question I get asked is what was it that I did which allowed me to become so successful in such a short period of time?

People seem to get a little disappointed when I tell them that I simply did the same thing every successful person does: I developed a system, I continually crafted it and sharpened it, I streamlined it and got rid of all the loose bits, and I followed this system religiously day in and day out.

People ask for specific strategies that I use and I tell them that using a system is my biggest and most successful strategy. Even if you have a terrible system in place starting out, it would still be better than having no system at all because at least you can build on and develop a system until it begins to grow and improve.

Having and working with a system is ‘Big Picture’ thinking which emulates from having a clear vision of your future, working towards your ‘Magic Movie’.


Strategies develop and form as a system evolves.

Having a system keeps you in check and stops you from wandering off your chosen path into far off fields. For your prospects having a clear system in place also keeps them on track as they progress along the sale.

As part of the ‘Six Figure Professional Sales Training Program’ I teach the ‘7 Point Sales System’. This is a system that took me a little over 3 years to fully develop and in which provides for 7 clear points to every sale, no more and no less, just 7 points. Much like as we discussed, life has a beginning and an end, Point A to Point B. In the same way every sale starts at Point 1 (Initial Contact) and ends at Point 7 (The Close).

When you reach Point 3 and Point 4 (Presentation & Demonstration) and always before you reach Point 5 (Call to Action), you learn how to use specific language patterns to create a ‘Magic Movie’ for your clients as you talk them through the journey of what it is like to buy your product from beginning to end.

Much the same as we did when creating your ‘Magic Movie’, we’ll create as much vivid imagery in your prospect’s mind, engage as many of your prospect’s senses (auditory, visual & kinaesthetic) and make the journey as exciting and real as possible.

The purpose is to allow your prospects to get so involved and so engaged in the buying process that they become part of their own ‘Magic Movie’ as you play it out with your words. We allow the prospects to see themselves as your future happy clients they will become as we guide them through their future journey, with you and your company.

To emotionally engage your prospects like this we use specific but very basic non-trance hypnotic techniques in our language patterns such as:

  • Authority
  • Association
  • Future Pacing
  • Presuppositions

To really add bonus effect, we overlay these language patterns with deliberate use of distinct vocal tones to raise the emotional level.


By learning to master the art of creating Magic Movies you will have prospects, business partners and investors drawn to you like a magnet.

If you are genuine about creating massive wealth and success through professional sales then this is definitely not to be missed.



Written by Denis Linehan

Denis Linehan is a master sales professional and sales trainer who in his first 3 years of selling generated almost $100million in new home sales and is now teaching others to do the same.

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You are a born influencer

Can you image learning how to be an influencer in church?

Denis Linehan Sales Professional Influence

From my earliest childhood memories, I can recall that every Sunday morning without fail either my mother or grandparents would bring me to mass.

During a catholic mass, there is one ritual called the ‘Sign of Peace’ which happens right before the communion whereby the priest invites his parishioners to turn to the person next to them and shake their hand.

Denis Linehan Sales Professional Sign of Peave

As a child I remember absolutely hating this part of the mass and I would spend most of the earlier segments of the proceedings praying hard to God that the priest might skip over or forget this section altogether.

In conjunction with my prayers I would usually try and make some kind of a deal with the man upstairs by offering to go out of my way to do one good deed or another in exchange for favour.

Occasionally my prayers were indeed answered and I would have to begin remembering what it was exactly I said I would do. The one lesson I learned from these occasions is to never make deals with omnipotent powers in high pressure scenarios as I usually tended to overcommit.

You see it wasn’t that I was completely averse to shaking somebody’s hand. For instance, I was quite happy to shake the hand of my mother, my grandmother or my grandfather but when the grey haired, little old woman sitting in front of me who had been continually coughing, spluttering and sneezing into her hands for the entire duration turns and reaches out to me, I took serious exception to that priest compelling me to reach right back out there.

Social Conditioning

As a young boy standing in church amongst all these adults, who for me appeared to be giants at the time, some with better appearances of personal hygiene than others, I was being ‘socially conditioned’.

Remember this term as it will be extremely important moving forward.

What I was in fact learning was that there are times in life when somebody will gesture in a particular manner to you, and even though deep down you may not want to engage with that person in the manner requested, you do so anyway as you feel obliged. It is usually a learned value that has been ingrained into your subconscious mind during childhood.

Cultural Pattern

The next time you reach out to shake somebody’s hand remember that what you are actually doing is triggering a pattern that is deeply rooted in our culture.  It compels the other person to do the same.

This is the basis of the understanding of influence and this is certainly why when a new student approaches me for the first time, reaches out to shake my hand, introduces themselves and then during the conversation begins to tell me that one of their main problems is that they aren’t influential, I smile.

When a baby is hungry, they cry. When they feel sick, they cry. When an infant wants to be picked up and held in their mother’s arms simply for comfort, they cry.

In all of these scenarios what the baby is doing is evoking a natural response from the parent or guardian to go to the child and pick them up to give them attention. After a very short period of time the baby understands how to influence their parent’s behaviour. Crying equals attention.

You have been an influencer from the day you were born

Therefore, those of you in sales who feel you lack the ability to influence others need to understand that you have been influential from the day you were born.

You’ve just created an alternate narrative for yourself over the years to protect your ego.

Every time you ask a question, you are not compelling the recipient of that question to do anything, but you are evoking a social pattern which places a burgeoning pressure on them to respond.

Asking Questions

One of the more enjoyable aspects of my work during my time working as an undercover police officer in the drugs unit was talking to people in interview rooms. You can tell a lot about a person by observing their behaviour directly after you ask a question.

Denis Linehan Influencer Interrogation Room

Even if that question is something as simple as, “would you like a cup of tea?”. Because of the environment of the interview room and the obvious set of unique circumstances and pressures that it creates, the person will automatically look for the motive in your question, no matter how harmless.

A person may deliberate for several seconds before finally giving you an answer.

I found that as long as you stay silent and wait, a response will always come and it is never what the response actually is that matters, only that the person responds.

This is called influence.

The same logic is as applicable in a police interview room as it is in a sales office, as it is in a butcher’s shop when asking for a piece of meat or as it is when approaching a beautiful stranger in a crowded room.

It takes less than a second to influence or be influenced.

Have you ever woken up with a beastly hangover and realised that you’re running late for work, jumped out of bed and kicked your toe off the edge of the bed, in a manic hurry you jump under the shower and absolutely scald yourself forgetting you’ve just flushed the toilet, you skip breakfast and then eventually you barge through the doors of your office, tardy and looking like a fiery demon?

What way do you think your co-workers or clients would have reacted to you seeing you in that state?

How would they have interpreted your appearance, your posture, your mannerisms, your words and your tone of voice?

All of these things combined do of course automatically give away how you are feeling, your mood and your capacity to interact with those in your presence at that given time.

You may find that a lot of people will go out of their way to avoid you when you present like that even though you yourself won’t instinctively notice it at the time.

Influencer Instinct

Therefore, if you present in a negative state, a prospect or potential client may instinctively avoid, dismiss or show you little interest and the deal is gone. All because of how you come across in one brief momentary glance.

It doesn’t matter that you may be the greatest sales professional on the planet, a deal can be lost in less than a second. Your behaviour profoundly influenced them, albeit for the worse.

So we now know two very important things; all of us are natural influencers and being influential doesn’t always translate as being a positive attribute.

Of course, life is nothing if it’s not polar and we understand that there are always opposite ends of the scale so what works on one end works equally as well on the other.

Say for instance you find yourself riding the crest of a wave in life, you’re in a loving healthy relationship, you are enjoying a healthy fun filled lifestyle and your everyday existence is in tune with your prevailing thoughts and desires.

How do you appear, feel and act?

You wake up early in the morning and you just know the day is great. You look out the window and all you can see are vibrant colours and energy glistening from the saturated streets as sheets of continuous hail lash the pavement as you listen to the joyous sounds of nature as the wind howls angrily at you through the panes of your windows.

Denis Linehan Excited Influencer

Nothing can dissuade your positive feelings. In fact, you are almost teetering on the brink of the downright annoying but you’re so positive you can’t help but get away with it. In this state, you are bouncing into work with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes.

Anybody who you meet sees your smile, feels your energy and not only do they smile back, they actively engage with your positive presence. In less than a second your state has positively influenced your fellow human being.

Of course, smiling, asking questions and understanding the power of simple gesturing such as an extended open palm is not what will transform you into a master influencer or sales superstar overnight, but if you can grasp and begin to truly know the importance of these fundamental concepts you will be well on your way to mastering the subtler techniques that are to follow.


Denis Linehan

Denis Linehan is a master sales professional and sales trainer who in his first 3 years of selling generated almost $100million in new home sales and is now teaching others to do the same.

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The Sales Professional: A Dogged, Definable Difference



If you want to succeed in professional selling you need to develop a dogged, definable difference.

During my years in the Irish police, An Garda Siochana I noticed that the detectives shared one of the smaller offices in the station, simply because there wasn’t that many of them.

professional selling

Out of a station with a total party of eighty members, excluding civilian staff, we only had seven dedicated detectives and a rotating number of between three and four plainclothes non-appointed detectives.

All in all, the maximum number we had at any given time was between ten and eleven individuals (10% – 13.75%) dedicated to solving what would have been regarded as ‘serious crime’.


When I entered the drugs units there was only three of us, one sergeant and two officers (3.75%), out of a station party of eighty members dedicated to keeping a lid on a rapidly growing local drugs market.

Less than 5% at the top of the sales chain

The one thing I noticed as I spent more and more time in the active pursuit of these unconscionable individuals plying their wares, especially the real killers like heroin and ice, was it is only a small few at the very top of the food chain that were making any kind of serious money from dealing drugs, probably less 5%.

The majority of drug dealers found themselves up before the courts, in and out of jail and living pitiful lives. You wouldn’t believe the number of guys I’ve taken pity on, sat down with in an interview room and recommended career changes to.

Only a small percentage ever stand out

The logical conclusion I drew from these experiences was that out of any collective group of individuals working in the active pursuit of whatever cause, set of goals or objectives, only a very small percentage of people actually stand out and make an active difference, for good or bad. People deemed ‘successful’ therefore, however one chooses to define or measure that term, superficially at least appear to belong to a unique tribe within the collective group.

sales professionals stand out

Does this logic apply to sales professionals

For instance, is there a difference between the average man or woman in the street and the world’s most successful and powerful people? Well of course there is.

This same thinking applies to all walks of life, especially so amongst sales professionals. This difference that exists, is it natural God given ability? Is it hard work? Is it intelligence or is it a person’s upbringing?

From my experience of working with, managing and training sales professionals I’ve found that these factors do to some degree play a part, but are by no means what defines the most successful of sales professionals.

In fact, some of the most successful sales professionals I’ve come across are also the most interesting to study. These high achievers almost always appear to in fact have an apparent deficiency in one or a combination of these factors.

Perhaps that is what drives them and compels them to succeed. For instance, the majority of people I’ve trained since coming to Australia were born overseas and English is a second language for them. I’ve worked with a few people that outwardly can come across as downright lethargic, but continually produce the top results in their centre or area. A few people have initially come up and straight out told me that they don’t consider themselves to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but without fail they go on to absolutely clean up in a sales centre.

sales professional determination


The fact is all these sales professionals share one common value, one earnest trait, one remarkable quality that endures and conquers above all else, they are tenacious, they are voracious, they are hungry.  They are determined.

They share an insatiable hunger for a continued stream of multi layered successes such as a better education for their kids, better health care for their families, the dream house in the postcode they’ve always wanted, the Ferrari, financial stability, control over their destiny, leaving a legacy and so on. The list is endless but you get the picture.


Dare to operate in the top 1%

These are people that refuse to conform to social norms in terms of what general society deems to be ‘adequate accomplishments’. People, not just sales professionals, but anybody that chooses to operate in the top 10% and especially so in the top 5% and 1% of their respective fields do so because they are driven and determined, they are dogged in their approach to achieve their lifelong pursuits and ambitions.

Top percentile operators are driven to become more, to do more, to create more, to provide more, to contribute more and above all else to leave more of themselves here on this planet after they have gone than what is buried beneath the dirt.

Remarkably, or perhaps not so, all of this is done despite any perceived handicaps or deficiencies the individual might have had starting out.

Wherever you are starting out from in your sales career from this point onwards, know that the only difference between those we now know to be the ‘not so chosen few’ at the top of the game and the ‘choose to be there’ group, which is everybody below the top 10%, is an unwavering will to become the best.

And that makes all the difference.



Denis Linehan

Denis Linehan is a master sales professional and sales trainer who in his first 3 years of selling generated almost $100million in new home sales and is now teaching others to do the same.

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