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Generate Massive Sales Wealth & Success

There are 3 things every Professional needs for sales wealth and success

These days everybody has some sort of an opinion or another on what it takes to become wealthy and successful through sales.

There are countless books, posts, online videos and all sorts of other material available out there which tells people how to make more money from high level sales. As with all of this type of information, some of it will actually work but most of it will just be more of the same gobbledegook.

With every single one of the sales professionals I mentor I always tell every single one of them that there are 3 things they really need to have in place to maximize their sales results.

What I find amazing is the fact that virtually no ‘professional sales trainers’ out there talk about this stuff!!


1. You need your Magic Movie

A clever and rich old man once said to me, “You’re born at A and you die at B, and it’s everything that you do in between is what matters.”

The fact is we all started as nothing more than a twinkle in our mother’s eye and we are all heading back to the dirt pretty soon.

It’s how we choose to spend our time above ground that will make a difference, not just to ourselves, but to those that we interact with and the people that are still standing after we’ve gone. Once we get to grips with this very undisputable fact we can begin to look at life as more than mere existence and instead view it as a journey.


The voyage of your life

Another word for journey might be a ‘voyage’. The crossing of a set distance from one point to another, Point A to Point B, very much like we do in life.

Now think of a ship that sets sail from Port Botany in Sydney. If you were to look at this ship from shore as it departs you would assume certain things.

For starters, you assume that it has a captain at the helm of the ship. You take for granted that the captain of this ship knows where the final destination is. There is even the understanding that the captain knows how the ship is going to reach that destination, the route.

The thought that we could be wrong in any one of those assumptions would be absolutely ludicrous. The lack of any one of those elements would spell disaster, no captain, no final destination or no set route. As you could imagine the ship would either run aground, sink or run out of fuel and just begin to drift in the middle of a vast ocean waiting for rescue.


Yet this is exactly what happens to most people in life

And salespeople are no exceptions!  They can become drifters, ships with nobody steering and nobody knowing where the hell they are going or what is happening. Of course the tragedy of all of this is that most don’t see themselves as lost ships and instead prefer to complain when they hit rocks (fail to reach their sales targets) and they blame others when they run of fuel (no commissions left).

If you really want to become a master at sales, if you truly wish to become the best sales professional possible and if you are serious about becoming massively wealthy and successful in sales, then here is my advice: know where you are going and have a purpose in life and in your sales career.


OK, so what is a Magic Movie and how can we get it to work for you?

A Magic Movie is basically a short mental film clip that you create with your imagination.

It plays as a specific scenario of your future-self living out and enjoying life on your terms as you would most want to if you could right now.

It’s very easy to do for every single person and if you are struggling to understand how it works, let me begin by asking you one simple question (The answer to this question is your destination, the place where you are going in life. Massive sales success is your golden ticket that will get you there).

“If you be could be anywhere in the world right now, doing any one thing or series of activities with however many people of your choosing that you wanted, where would you be, what would you be doing and with whom would you be doing those things with?”

Imagine what this place looks like, vividly and boldly and in technicolour.

What are the sights, the sounds, the smells that surround you? The activity that you are doing, what sense of enjoyment and satisfaction are you getting from it? How do you feel? What clothes are you wearing, are they from your favourite designer? What car did you use to get to the event or were you chauffeured along with all those people with you? The people that are with you, your family and friends, how big are the smiles on their faces, how happy do they look and how proudly do they look at you for the successes that you have built up around you?


This isn’t the time to play small or hold back

So make this scenario, this Magic Movie, as big, as bold and as adventurous as you dare.

However big you go, multiply the events and settings by 10, then 100 and then 1,000, knowing that it’s human nature to live within our comfort zones.



Don’t let your mind hold you back anymore.

Your Magic Movie needs to be exciting and entertaining enough to inspire and motivate you on your journey so really let go of your inhibitions here.

Just remember that you have to want and desire to become part of this movie cast so badly that it will keep you up at night fantasizing about it, dreaming about it in your sleep and have you bouncing out of bed early each morning in the active pursuit of your Magic Movie scenario.

Now start playing the movie in your head and keep playing it over and over again until the details of it, the sights and sounds become so engrained in your psyche that your subconscious mind begins to interpret it as your current reality and begins to expect it to happen.

In my sales training seminars in Sydney I refer to this technique when used with prospects as Future Pacing. For sales professionals I use the term Magic Movie because it really works almost like real magic.


2. You need to create Magic Movies for others

Now this is where things get really fun, really interesting and really profitable, really fast…so hold tight!!

Knowing, understanding and having the power to create Magic Movies puts you ahead of practically every average sales person out there, so you should be proud of yourself for that alone.

You now know where you are going in your sales career, you know why you are going there and you are determined to get there as soon as you can.

Massive wealth, huge success and a life to be lived on your terms is fast approaching. But a massive tanker filled with a store of liquid gold doesn’t traverse the Mediterranean to a determined port with just the captain, it needs a crew to help get it there.

For you this means learning how to share your Magic Movie with those around you and being able to get them in on the journey.

What’s more you have to get them excited, get them intrigued and beguile them with the adventures and rewards that lay ahead. Your business partners, investors and your clients will find it hard to get on board unless they too can see the benefits of getting on board your ship. We also call this the WIN-WIN scenario. People must be able to see clear value for them, otherwise they can’t and won’t play a part in your Magic Movie.

I really can’t stress to you how important it is to your massive sales success that you get this. Maybe you are now asking, “Ok, well as a sales professional, how does knowing all this generate me a bigger income?”


In sales a huge part of your success is determined by your ability to find the right solution for your prospect’s needs, wants and desires.


Earlier when we learned how to create our Magic Movie, what we actually done was allow ourselves to indulge in creating a huge sensory feast which created an enormous physiological sense of wellbeing and a powerfully positive emotional state. We felt the benefits and the joy achieved when we reach our desired outcome.

Should it be any different in your prospects’ minds when we are selling them the benefits that our products have to offer? Is it possible to also create a Magic Movie, albeit a miniature version, for your prospects?

Can we move them emotionally and get them excited as they experience the benefits that our products have to offer them? Of course we can and that’s what your future clients are waiting for, it’s what they are looking for.

For my sales training seminars and in my sales mentoring programs I have my own unique Magic Movies for each scenario that I continually play out in my head so I know what I want to get out of each seminar and every mentoring program.

These Magic Movies are based on one core element, a motivation to provide huge value and massive successes for all my clients and those that come to my events.

How do we create Magic Movies for our prospects and how does it successfully work for them?

3.You need a system that allows you to play the Magic Movies


The biggest question I get asked is what was it that I did which allowed me to become so successful in such a short period of time?

People seem to get a little disappointed when I tell them that I simply did the same thing every successful person does: I developed a system, I continually crafted it and sharpened it, I streamlined it and got rid of all the loose bits, and I followed this system religiously day in and day out.

People ask for specific strategies that I use and I tell them that using a system is my biggest and most successful strategy. Even if you have a terrible system in place starting out, it would still be better than having no system at all because at least you can build on and develop a system until it begins to grow and improve.

Having and working with a system is ‘Big Picture’ thinking which emulates from having a clear vision of your future, working towards your ‘Magic Movie’.


Strategies develop and form as a system evolves.

Having a system keeps you in check and stops you from wandering off your chosen path into far off fields. For your prospects having a clear system in place also keeps them on track as they progress along the sale.

As part of the ‘Six Figure Professional Sales Training Program’ I teach the ‘7 Point Sales System’. This is a system that took me a little over 3 years to fully develop and in which provides for 7 clear points to every sale, no more and no less, just 7 points. Much like as we discussed, life has a beginning and an end, Point A to Point B. In the same way every sale starts at Point 1 (Initial Contact) and ends at Point 7 (The Close).

When you reach Point 3 and Point 4 (Presentation & Demonstration) and always before you reach Point 5 (Call to Action), you learn how to use specific language patterns to create a ‘Magic Movie’ for your clients as you talk them through the journey of what it is like to buy your product from beginning to end.

Much the same as we did when creating your ‘Magic Movie’, we’ll create as much vivid imagery in your prospect’s mind, engage as many of your prospect’s senses (auditory, visual & kinaesthetic) and make the journey as exciting and real as possible.

The purpose is to allow your prospects to get so involved and so engaged in the buying process that they become part of their own ‘Magic Movie’ as you play it out with your words. We allow the prospects to see themselves as your future happy clients they will become as we guide them through their future journey, with you and your company.

To emotionally engage your prospects like this we use specific but very basic non-trance hypnotic techniques in our language patterns such as:

  • Authority
  • Association
  • Future Pacing
  • Presuppositions

To really add bonus effect, we overlay these language patterns with deliberate use of distinct vocal tones to raise the emotional level.


By learning to master the art of creating Magic Movies you will have prospects, business partners and investors drawn to you like a magnet.

If you are genuine about creating massive wealth and success through professional sales then this is definitely not to be missed.



Written by Denis Linehan

Denis Linehan is a master sales professional and sales trainer who in his first 3 years of selling generated almost $100million in new home sales and is now teaching others to do the same.

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