The results were immediate

As a new entrant in the House Building Industry, I have been introduced to Denis Linehan to complete and improve my initial training.

How Fortunate. Denis brought a new dimension to what I was expecting.

Not only, he provided me an exceptional product training in just a few days, he also has injected great impacts in the whole way I now approach sales.

The results were immediate. I signed my first contract and some other are in the process.

Whatever your degree of expertise in Sales, I sincerely believe Denis Linehan is one of those Great Man who will definitely bring you something special and unique in your quest of mastering Sales and consequently achieve extraordinary results in a short period of time.



We hope to work with Denis again

Denis was direct in his approach. He was able to tell us rather quickly what was possible, what was not and why. This set him apart from other salespeople who we felt were very good at making the pitch but had a lesser understanding of their actual product.

We hope to work with Denis again in the future.


Observant, analytical and detailed

Denis is observant, analytical and detailed which helps him clearly identify the specific needs of each particular client. His avid interest in new ideas adds not just to his own personal development but is of great benefit to his clients.



He makes selling seem effortless

Denis Linehan has a unique style, approach and way of interacting with people that sets him apart from anybody I’ve ever met in the sales profession.

…he makes selling seem effortless…

…He is just one of those men that has a genuine passion for helping others succeed. He has gone out of his way to help not just me but other sales consultants achieve some extraordinary results. I’ve followed his system, The 7 Point Sales Pattern, for a year and a half. The thing I’ve benefited most from is my new found ability to efficiently qualify clients in less than half the time it used to take me which allows me to spend more time following up on quality leads. I would recommend Denis Linehan to anybody who is seriously considering a career in professional sales.



I would absolutely recommend Denis Linehan to anybody who wants to get ahead in sales

Denis’ energy and enthusiasm for sales is what is most striking about him. He has a relentless drive and ambition towards attaining a standard of excellence in everything he does. This is what sets him apart. The way he talks about and describes professional selling is certainly unique and fresh.

As a professional I would absolutely recommend Denis Linehan to anybody who wants to get ahead in sales.


I came away from your training program feeling so confident

Thank you for the great sales training program. It was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable. I have learnt so much from your training that will help me a lot in my workplace. I have already started to use the sales model, strategies and tools you gave me with my clients and they are working remarkably well.

I came away from your training program feeling so confident and it really does help when working with these clients. I hope I can attend to your next workshop and I believe I will learn much more from you. Thanks for the wonderful training and new skills I now have



This system made me 9 home and land package sales in my first month

Firstly, I would like take this opportunity to thank Denis Linehan for his systematic sales training.

Denis is one of the most energetic, focussed and inspirational people I have ever known. He is tremendously supportive and challenging in equal measures.

Denis presented me an extremely efficient and simple “The 7 Point Sales System”. This system made me 9 home and land package sales in my first month of employment (the average industry sales is 3 per month and the average industry sales is 5 per month for senior sales).

I have no display room sales experience before this role, and the system has been very supportive to my work. Extremely enlightening, relevance was great. Denis gave good advice, very committed to topic. Denis was also excellent role model of skills required.

In summary, Denis is a very knowledgeable trainer. The practical side was extremely useful, the theory interesting and a clearer understanding of techniques. Denis is so good at what he does and is so natural, which helped me learn. Very approachable, friendly and professional.

It’s my honour to meet him and work with him.